About Us

We are MyHealth

Empowering Hillingdon patients to take control of their health

The Idea

MyHealth started with a simple mission, to empower patients. In 2014 we started small with a few people helping them eat a healthier diet which could help lower their blood sugar.

From this an idea grew, what if we could work with Hillingdon patients, local organisations and local GP’s to build workshops that gave information on long term condition’s, where usually there is no time to discuss in an appointment.

So that’s what we did.

The Success

Over the past 6 years and over 8 thousand patients later going from strength to strength, the programme has expanded to support long term conditions such as Diabetes type 2, COPD (respiratory breathing conditions), Children’s Asthma and Healthy Heart.

In addition we have now achieved an official accreditation for our Diabetes type 2 and Pre-Diabetes workshop’s. We are fully realising our goal of empowering patients with the knowledge of how to self-manage their conditions and take back more control in their life.

How is MyHealth different from everyone else ?

This means that if you either live in Hillingdon or are registered with a doctor in Hillingdon, you can attend all our workshops.
All our clinical workshops are run by trained health professionals, these workshops include: • Diabetes type 2 • Pre-Diabetes (At risk Diabetes) • Healthy heart • COPD (Respiratory breathing conditions) • Children’s Asthma . The health professional maybe a GP from one of the surgery’s in Hillingdon or a clinical pharmacist. This gives you the perfect opportunity to ask questions you would not get time for in a normal GP appointment. We have a total of 11 facilitators who all have extensive knowledge and experience, you can find out who they are HERE
We aim to run our workshops as close to your home or as close to your surgery as possible. We use a number of different venues across the borough, ensuring that they have sufficient transport links and parking for you to attend. We also offer virtual workshop’s hosted through the platform Zoom. These workshops still have all the information you would expect from a face to face session and are still run by a health professional, all that’s different is you can stay in the comfort of your own home.
Unlike other programmes we have designed our workshops to be easily digestible. All of our sessions last no more than 2 hours.
MyHealth prides itself on including Hillingdon patients and Hillingdon organisations within the development of our workshops. Our Workshop’s cover core information of the subject which is covered at every session, but we encourage attendees to tell us at the beginning of the session anything they would like to cover that may support them. The more we have the better the session. No question is irrelevant and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

You can find a full list of workshops and book yourself on HERE

The MyHealth website has been created to provide local people with information and advice on managing their conditions and improving their health and wellbeing and a useful directory of ‘community connections’ featuring support, self-help and activity groups in Hillingdon.

There are links to the major charities including Age UK, Diabetes UKAsthma UK and British Lung Foundation as well as a growing list of local charities, active community groups and other support services.